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10 Tasks Virtual Assistant Services You Can Use to Grow Your Business

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Kristine Clemen

Whether you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, the day-to-day tasks on your plate can quickly stack up.

One of the best ways to unload your burden is to find and use a personal virtual assistant. You can easily find a virtual assistant with a quick google search, or you can use our virtual assistant service.

If you aren’t sure what they can do for you, check out these 10 important tasks you can outsource to a VA to grow your business.


1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the basis of all online success. Once you have an email list, the next step is to use it. A personal virtual assistant can maximise your list by sending out emails, responding to customer inquiries and so much more.

2. General Administrative Tasks

Don’t have time to schedule your employees? Need help with payroll? A virtual assistant makes it easier to handle tasks that soak up your time.

3. Social Media Engagement

Once you have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile, the next thing you need to do is publish content and engage with your audience. A virtual assistant can do that for you when you don’t have the time.

4. Blogging

Writing blogs is critical to the development of your brand. Let a virtual assistant service pair you with a qualified writer who can tackle blogging for you.


5. Data Organisation

Uploading files, keeping up with your email list, and even creating and managing spreadsheets is all within the wheelhouse of an assistant.


6. Slideshare Presentation Creation

No one likes creating slideshows. Pass this off onto a virtual assistant to make your life easier.


7. Video Editing

Video is the new form of content marketing. Hire an assistant to edit your videos for pro quality.


8. SEO Work

Finding keywords, researching SEO strategies, and building social media campaigns can all be the task of your new VA.

9. Site Analysis

Get a professional site analysis and ensure that your site is up to par with your competition through your new VA.


10. Graphic Design Work

From logos to website designs, you can use a virtual assistant service to find experts who can make your brand shine among the competition.

Don’t feel limited by these tasks. A personal virtual assistant can help you tackle any number of tasks and in the end, help you grow your business.