Hire an Online Assistant - 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Online Assistant for Your Business

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Online Assistant for Your Business

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Kristine Clemen

The good news is your business is booming. The bad news is you need to hire an assistant to keep up with growing demands.

Emails, phone calls, customer service and more is a job fit for more than one person. So what can you do? Many choose to hire an online assistant to keep their customers happy and their business growing.

Before you jump right into searching for top rated virtual assistants and get giddy thinking about all things they can do for you, consider these four pro tips to choosing the right one for your business.

Get Down to Business

What do you need done? Do you need to hire an assistant to answer emails? Or do you need someone to organize meetings, answer calls, and plan your schedule?

Analyze what you need done, how many hours you estimate an assistant will be working for you, and decide what you’re willing to pay to have someone complete the work for you. Making that decision prior to seeking out an assistant will save you time and money in the long run.

Make A Decision to Outsource Internationally, Or Not

Nowadays, most assistant work is outsourced to virtual workers. Many of these workers are located in the Philippines and India. Depending on your particular job requirements, using top rated virtual assistants from these countries might not be beneficial to your projects.

The reality is, outsourcing to other countries will cost you far less than hiring an American or UK based assistant. The cost of living is higher in these nation therefore their price point is logically higher.

Set Out Guidelines

The next step is to set forth guidelines for your assistant. Determine what you need, at a minimum, from them and what your expectations are. You’ve already got your budget ready, so setting out the standards you’ll hold for this member of your team is the next logical step.

Communicate Your Goals and Tasks

Provide your newly hired assistant with step-by-step instructions and guidelines for your projects. Don’t leave anything out. Be detailed about what you need done. Discuss important matters by phone or Skype if you need to, to guarantee you are on the same page.

When you hire an online assistant you can save money and time, but these few extra tips will make hiring an assistant a true breeze.