Virtual Assistant - 7 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

7 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Kristine Clemen

Business owners, regardless of size, have a thousand and one things to do. From handling staff to managing payroll, the job of ‘business owner’ is a tough one. Small business owners, however, have little to no support available to them—or at least they think they don’t.

That’s where virtual assistant services can help. Not only do sites like Virtual Staff Co. help you hire a virtual assistant, but they also offer up a team of true professionals to get the job done.

To help you further, here’s a few tips for small business owners who truly are busy.

Tip #1. Learn to Delegate

Using a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to save yourself time and stress. When you hire a virtual assistant, you’re essentially cloning yourself, without the high fees of hiring a full-time employee. Delegating tasks you think you really can’t is the first step towards streamlining your business.

Tip #2. Use tools for productivity

A few tools that are incredibly helpful for productivity include:

  • Basecamp—keep your employees, even virtual assistants, in one place along with project information with this app.
  • Hootsuite—become a social media superstar by using Hootsuite to automate your posts and so much more.
  • One Receipt—store your receipts for tax season in one simple place so tax season isn’t such a burden next year.

Tip #3. Avoid Meetings at all Costs!

Meetings are a time waster. Pro Tip: Avoid them! Only set and keep meetings that are critical to the development of your business. There’s no need to micro-manage your team.

Tip #4. Allow Wiggle Room in Your Schedule

Planning out every second of your day is a definite time-waster. Instead, put boundaries on your scheduling. Factor in an additional 10-30 minutes per task, depending on what it is, to make sure you have time in between each one to get what you need to done.

Tip #5. Hire Talented People

When you use Virtual Staff Co., you gain access to a variety of talented virtual assistants along with a plethora of virtual assistant services that can make your life easier. Having the right people in your corner saves you time you’d normal spend fixing avoidable mistakes.

Tip #6. Reduce Distractions

Turn off the cell phone and shut down the browser, they’re time vampires.

Tip #7. Set and Meet Deadlines

It might sound counterintuitive, but setting and meeting deadlines can actually help you save time in the long run.

If you want extra help, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage every-day tasks through Virtual Staff Co. We can also help you maximize your time through our virtual assistant services.