Do You Really Need a Virtual Assistant – 5 Facts That Say You Do

Posted on May 8, 2017 by Kristine Clemen

Have you thought about reducing your workload? Have business partners recommend that you hire an online assistant for day-to-day tasks? Are you in desperate need of relief from the weight of being a business owner?

Don’t worry, there is a solution.

C-Level professionals and small business owners alike are beginning to look to top rated virtual assistants to tackle their most basic business management tasks. It’s time you did too.

Check out these five facts that say it’s definitely time you got the help you need.


You Can’t Afford to Waste Time

Tony Robbins famously hired his first virtual assistant when he was still a teenager, why? Because he realized that running errands like getting his dry cleaning were a waste of his time.

While today’s virtual assistants aren’t getting dry cleaning, they do manage menial, time-consuming tasks like responding to emails and answering customer questions. These tasks eat up hours of your week without you even knowing it.

Not convinced?

We recommend getting a time app to track how much time you’re spending responding to emails, answering text messages, and posting blogs. We think you’ll be surprised by how much time you’re actually spending on these tasks.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to outsource work.

Be smart.

Hire a capable virtual assistant to handle everyday tasks you shouldn’t be managing.


Creativity is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Virtual assistants handle a good deal of repetitive tasks. This includes bookkeeping and responding to social media comments.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, your creativity is the liquid gold that keeps your business alive. Repetitive tasks suck that gold out of your veins.

When you hire an online assistant, you can free up your time so you can brainstorm better ideas for your business. It’s a win-win situation. You not only don’t have to deal with time-consuming and quite frankly, annoying tasks, you can also spend your energy on more important facets of your business.

Bonus tip: You can also use your assistant to brainstorm. If you need a sounding board for creative ideas, assistants are often ready to help if you need feedback.


Productivity is Limited when You Don’t Have Help

Sure, you might think you’re cut out to handle any task that is thrown your way but is that really so? Can you manage a growing business while tackling everyday tasks? Probably not.

Multiple studies have been conducted to determine whether outsourcing has a significant impact on a firm’s productivity. While the jury is still out for conclusive evidence, many firms report it has a shocking effect on their company’s growth. Some reports claim that a virtual assistant can save you as much as two hours a day.

Whether they save you an hour or don’t save any time at all, one thing that isn’t debatable is that virtual assistants make you happier…


Virtual Assistants Reduce Stress

A simple Google search will show you literally hundreds of tasks that virtual assistants can handle for your company. If you’re not taking advantage of at least one of their skills, you’re only hurting yourself—and probably making yourself more stressed.

Don’t stress over things you aren’t good at. Many entrepreneurs find that when they hire an assistant to tackle tasks like writing, the job is done better than they could have done. That begs the question: why are you stressing out over tasks you’re not good at when someone else could get it done for an affordable rate?


Your Business is Growing & You Can’t Keep Up

Business owners like Alfredo Atanacio hired an assistant to keep up with the demanding workload of his growing business. If you’re like Alfredo, then you need a virtual assistant to tackle your most pressing concerns.

Another small business owner named Laurie Erdman reported a 300% increase in productivity after hiring a virtual assistant and having them on board for two years.

If your business is growing that’s great! What isn’t so great is being wrapped up with the daily ins and outs of doing business. To hire an online assistant is to increase your profits and manage your business like a professional.


Finding an Assistant Who’s Right For You

Not all virtual assistants are created equal. At Virtual Staff, we have hundreds of top rated virtual assistants who specialise in a variety of skill sets. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then now is the time to find an assistant.

Connect with our team to find an assistant who can ramp up the productivity, efficiency, and growth of your business.