How a Virtual Assistant Agency Makes it Easier to Find VA’s

How a Virtual Assistant Agency Makes it Easier to Find VA’s

Posted on October 3, 2016 by Kristine Clemen

Imagine, if you will, a small business owner who runs a shoe repair shop. He or she has a few store clerks and stockpersons on the payroll, but by and large they do most of their own work.

Business begins to increase. Their shoe repair store takes to the internet to field customer service issues. Their email inbox begins to fill, and they’re left drowning in their own success unable to handle the demands it places on them.

What’s the best way out? Could it be to hire an assistant? If so, where can they quickly and easily find a qualified candidate? Enter the virtual assistant agency.

Virtual assistant agencies are built for this exact situation. When time and resources are limited, a virtual assistant directory can help point small business owners in the direction of help. The question is, what benefits do they offer, and are they right for you?

Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant Agency

Today, outsourcing work to virtual assistants isn’t taboo—rather, it’s the norm. Businesses recognize the value added by talented and hard working professionals who work virtually. To many, not taking advantage of these services is foolish, if nothing else because of the low costs.

In most cases, a virtual assistant directory is free to use with fees only being added if you hire an assistant. Some agencies will even pair you with the appropriate worker after going through your chosen check list, cutting even more time off your search.

Smart business owners know the key to getting things done is to delegate. Using a virtual assistant agency is necessary to gain access to a qualified, talented, and reliable assistant.

Finding One That’s Right For You

Even if you do use an agency to steer your business in the right direction, it’s a good idea to have a checklist ready. Outline the skills, talents, and knowledge you need your assistant to have. Make sure your budgets and deadlines are also prepared, in order to avoid miscommunication.

Once you’re organized, partner with an agency that understands and respects your needs. The next step is to hire an assistant and refocus your work on more important matters.

Be prepared, seek out an experienced virtual assistant agency, and secure the talent you need to expand your business.