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What are the roles of virtual assistant?

Posted on December 7, 2015 by admin

Virtual assistant can be a godsend. They help you get things done when you don’t have time to do it. A Filipino virtual assistant can offer you the best of both worlds by providing quick and quality work while saving you money. However, if you’re thinking about hiring Philippine virtual assistants, it’s a good idea to know what they offer. Even the best virtual assistant will be of no use if you don’t know what to outsource to them. For those thinking about hire online assistant, consider the following information.

General Virtual Assistant

This is the most common role for Philippine virtual assistants. This role entails things such as administrative tasks, data entry, transcription or audio and video, booking flights, confirming meetings, and social media management. A Filipino virtual assistant helps you save time with these menial tasks and saves money by preventing you from hiring a full-time employee for this work.

SEO Specialist

The best virtual assistant will always look out for your best interests first, and that includes working as an SEO specialist. SEO work entails everything from keyword research, off-page optimization including link building, competitor analysis, online personal and corporate branding, and social bookmarking. All of these services enable your online business to grow without you working hard to make it possible.

Web Developers

When you look to hire online assistant, you probably are on the lookout for those who are capable of improving you online presence. Web developers can often be found amongst virtual assistants. Their work includes developing existing sites, building sites from scratch, registering domains, installing WordPress and fixing bugs.

This is just a taste of what to expect when you hire a Filipino virtual assistant. Philippine virtual assistants offer a variety of services for you to choose from. The best virtual assistant will offer all of these services for fees far lower than you might have imagined, if only you know where to look. If you want to hire online assistant, consider these core roles before making your decision.